Yourself In
Dance Music

CosmicWorld is the world's only interactive and immersive electronic dance music festival. At CosmicWorld you become the showpiece, as you participate in the entertainment spectacle by traveling through one mile of mesmerizing visuals and electronic dance music. Talented DJ's perform on intimate stages along the way and tunnels of fluorescent glowing powders transform you into other-worldy colors, all of which lead to the main stage which is headlined by some of the world's top electronic music artists.


Your cosmic experience will be marked by world class stage production and lighting technology, creating a unique and truly epic visual experience. You will experience beautiful lighting installations throughout your one mile journey, all of which lead you through a glow-in-the-dark path, which climaxes at our CosmicWorld main stage which will push the limits of your imagination.

Into Cosmic

You will become the canvas as you get showered with vividly-glowing and brilliantly-soft fluorescent colored powders. Our proprietary cosmic powders are the only fluorescent color pigments of their kind. You will become like the glowing elements around you as you transform into COSMIC colors that glow under the night sky. High-tech, ultra strength LED black light tunnels are strategically set up throughout your COSMIC journey, creating amazing visuals of your newly transformed body.

Main Stage

Your immersive COSMIC experience will climax at the CosmicWorld main stage, as you celebrate your amazing journey with an electrifying EDM concert that is headlined by some of the world's top DJ's and producers. World-class stage production, created by some of the world's top visual artists, make the main stage come to life as you experience the finale of this one-of-a-kind electronic music festival.


We thrive on individuality, so get ready for an interactive experience unlike anything else you've ever experienced. You become a human canvas as you transform into fluorescent-glowing colors that are the first of their kind. Register for the event, and your CosmicWorld wristband will be delivered directly to you, which will provide your entry into CosmicWorld.